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Using only the highest quality protein bonded 100% human hair

  • Highest Gold Star Rating
  • Vast Knowledge and Experience
  • Extensive Client Base
  • Best Possible Aftercare
  • The Celebrity Look

      Celebrities have the power to inspire hair and fashion trends overnight. Our fascination with the rich and famous and our obsession with personal image have never been so heightened......

    100% Real Human Hair

    As a North East extensions salon our aim is simple -  make your hair dream a reality

  • Creating natural, undetectable results.
  • Great Lengths is so natural
  • Look and feel exactly like your own hair.
  • Sources and processes it's own hair.
  • Extensions with Gary Rowlands


    As a North East hair extensions salon our aim is simple - to make your hair dreams a reality. The greatest challenge of all is to create the most natural looking, undetectable results. Our achievement in this respect is unsurpassed.
    Using the world's finest human hair, Great Lengths is the only extensions company that sources and processes it's own hair to guarantee its origin and quality.
    Your extensions will always look and feel exactly like your own hair. Great Lengths is so natural - from the time your extensions are applied, to the time the stylist removes them, they'll look radiant and full of health!

    Then you're ready to be transformed to yet another amazing look! This is why some of the worlds most glamorous women have chosen Great Lengths! I would like to thank you personally for your interest in Evolution & Great Lengths, and we'll look forward to making your hair dreams come true.

    "Get The Celebrity Look"

    Celebrities have the power to inspire hair and fashion trends overnight. Our fascination with the rich and famous and our obsession with personal image have never been so heightened. There is no greater influence on our personal style than the images we se in glossy magazines, films, music and television.
    If you've ever wondered how some of the world's most glamorous stars manage to continually change their style - their secret to great looking hair is now revealed - stars including Jenifer Lopez, Christina Aquilera, Lisa Marie Presley and Jenifer Aniston all wear Great Lengths.


    Prior to application, stylists are required to perform a consultation to determine the clients suitability for hair extensions. At this important stage, the desired style, colour and length are chosen. Clients are also advised on how to look after their extensions.

    "Removal and Aftercare"

    Great Lengths has developed a process to gently remove hair extensions without the risk of damage to your hair. Your stylist will use a specially formulated solution, along with a removal tool that breaks down the bond used to apply the strand. Once the bond is broken down, the extension is simple to remove. After the conditioning treatment, your hair is restored to its natural condition.

    Caring for Great Lengths extensions couldn't be easier. Once applied, you can treat them just like your own hair! Brushing your hair gently with a flat-headed bristle brush protects the bond and prevents it becoming damaged

    All Great Lengths Hair must:

    1) Be of Superior Quality With The Cuticle Layer Completely Intact

    The cuticle layer seals in moisture, protecting hair from the elements and environmental damage. The absence of the cuticle layer dries out rapidly and makes it susceptible to breakage. As a result, hair will look brittle, lifeless and dull. That's why Great Lengths hair always looks radiant and full of health, and is matt and tangle free.

    2) Be 100% Remis And Double-Drawn Great Lengths hair is 100% remis.

    This means the hair strands are all facing in the direction of natural hair growth. If hair were sourced with strands facing in opposite directions, they would interlock and cause matting; the same effect as backcombing! The hair is also double-drawn, which means it's the same thickness from root to tip.

    Take A Look

    • In Depth Consultation
    • Up to the Minute Colouring
    • Advanced Application Method
    • Comprehensive Aftercare Package
    • Competitive Prices

    "Gold Rated Extensions"

    Gary has spent the last 10 years working with Great Lengths which has now earned him the top award of Gold Salon Status, not only for the amount of clients he has but also the quality of his work and aftercare which is second to none in the North East.