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Based in a prime location in West Jesmond
Just next to West Jesmons Metro:

  • Established over 7 years ago
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Over 115years combined experience
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The Celebrity Look

    Celebrities have the power to inspire hair and fashion trends overnight. Our fascination with the rich and famous and our obsession with personal image have never been so heightened......

100% Real Human Hair

As a North East extensions salon our aim is simple -  make your hair dream a reality

  • Creating natural, undetectable results.
  • Great Lengths is so natural
  • Look and feel exactly like your own hair.
  • Sources and processes it's own hair.

Where Does Great Lengths Hair Come From?


Although some extensions companies promote "Genuine European Hair", this is unlikely. Because most European women have their hair chemically treated, and are unlikely to grow it and have it cut off for extensions companies to use, it wouldn't be possible to get the right quality of hair in sufficient supply for Great Lengths!

The Orient?......NO!

Chinese hair is typically thicker than European hair and often has to undergo and acid process to thin it out. This completely destroys the cuticle layer, renders the hair brittle and dull, and makes it unsuitable for Great Lengths use. Companies using Chinese hair can apply a silicon layer to coat the hair and restore its sheen - but this effect does not last. After a few washes the silicon is removed and brittle dull hair returns.


Great Lengths source the finest human hair from Asia where it's a tradition for girls to grow their hair until they marry. Just prior to marriage, the hair is cut as part of a traditional ritual that signifies the beginning of a new life. The temples receive the hair, and as a main commodity for export of India, they legitimately supply it to Great Lengths to use in extensions. This hair is perfect for extensions because Asian girls rarely visit salons and expose their hair to chemical process. This means the hair is left in it's natural state with the cuticle layer intact and in perfect condition.

The Great Lengths Bond

Each strand is pre-bonded with our exclusive patented V-shaped bond. Made from a blend of polymers, our bond is designed to mimic the molecular structure of hair. The reason Great Lengths hair is pre-bonded is to eliminate the risk of anyone applying the hair with traditional glues or bonds from an unknown origin. The bond is designed to provide perfect fusion every time, making the extensions invisible to the untrained eye whilst being kind to the hair and scalp.

What We Offer:

  • A relaxing atmosphere & vibe
  • Creative ideas without creative prices
  • Value for money
  • Individuality within each team member

Access to a L'Oreal Colour Specialist

Darren has spent several months working within the L’Oreal specialist academy which resulted in evolution having their own highly acclaimed L’Oreal trained colour specialist. Very few salons in the UK have such accreditation.